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How to win the war against corrosion with Transpoxy Masterbond 4.67N

Transpoxy Masterbond 4.67N is a signature product in the Transocean Coatings range. Regarded as a truly versatile high-build epoxy mastic coating, it protects steel and concrete surfaces from extreme industrial and marine conditions. Formulated with Masterbond binder technology, the 2-pack high solids epoxy primer/coating offers excellent anticorrosive properties as well as impact and abrasion resistance.

What is a Surface-Tolerant Epoxy or STE?

Surface-Tolerant Epoxy refers to epoxy that is highly corrosion and abrasion-resistant and designed to protect materials from extreme industrial and marine conditions. This type of epoxy differs from regular coatings due to its suitability on surfaces that have been prepared with less preparation than commercial blast cleaning.

What are the benefits of Transpoxy Masterbond 4.67N?

Surface-Tolerant Epoxy coatings, including the market leading Transpoxy Masterbond 4.67N from Wagon Paints, are designed to be applied over surfaces with minimal surface preparation. This flagship product by Transocean Coatings, it is suitable when no sand blasting is possible and can be used on steel and concrete surfaces for protection against corrosive industrial and marine environments. Available through Wagon Paints in Australia, as this offers good adhesion to St3 prepared steel substrates and is compatible with most aged coatings.

What are the typical applications of Transpoxy Masterbond 4.67N?

  • Steel structures
  • Factory Floors
  • Industrial applications
  • Marine applications

What colours is Transpoxy Masterbond 4.67N  available in?

It comes in White, Black, N35 Light Grey, Y14 Golden Yellow and a range of AS2700 , Colorbond® and RAL colours in semi-gloss finish.

How the application works?

Although a brush is suitable, airless spray is recommended. Multicoats are required to achieve the specified dry film thickness. At 23ºC, this is touch dry in 3 hours and dry to handle in 20 hours, with a full cure in 5 days and recoating after 15 hours and before 4 days with single pack finishes.

Does Transpoxy Masterbond 4.67N need recoating?

It can be left uncoated or may be recoated with Transpoxy, Transurethane, Transuniprene or Transunilac Finishes.

Primer options include:

Is Transpoxy Masterbond 4.67N  approved for jet fuel tanks?

Yes, it is approved for carriage of jet fuels as specified in MIL-PRF-4556F. It is qualified by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and ranked as a ‘Heavy Duty coating offering excellent corrosion protection.’

What is Transpoxy Masterbond 4.67N (Flooring Grade)?

Suitable for industrial floors, this is a surface-tolerant, self-priming, high solids epoxy mastic floor coating formulated with Masterbond binder technology. It offers excellent impact and abrasion resistance along with superior adhesion characteristics. The coating can be left uncoated or may be topcoated with alternate Rhinofloor and Transocean coatings. Click here for more information.

Wagon Paints system selector –

Do you need help choosing suitable Surface-Tolerant-Epoxy or other coating products? Click here for a product data sheet or view Safety Data Sheet A and Safety Data Sheet B.

Alternatively, you can use the Wagon Paints System Selector or contact the Wagon Paints technical support team to ensure you find a long-lasting solution for your steel structures. For more information on the Transpoxy range, contact Wagon Paints today on +61 3 9729 1344 or complete an online enquiry form.

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