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A partnership with the Industry

Wagon Paints® has been manufacturing

high quality industrial finishes and surface coating systems since 1975.

Our Rhinofloor® division has been supplying an enviable and reputable stock of epoxy coatings going back as far as the mid 1950’s.

Over this time we have grown from what was once a small family business into a widely renowned, highly experienced and vibrant national company. We achieved this by developing strong working relationships with you, our customers.

Today, Wagon Paints® is recognised as one of the leading suppliers

of high quality coatings and systems that are tailored to meet any industrial specification and budget.

We are also very proud of the fact that we remain fully Australian-owned and commit to support Australian manufacturing through our purpose built plant in Bayswater North, Victoria.

Our Strategic Partnerships

- Is an international association of paint manufacturers having its head office in the Netherlands. Transocean specializes in protective and marine coatings and offers a wide range of coatings solutions to meet any industrial specification and budget. Zinc silicates, epoxy zinc phosphate primers, two-pack barrier coats such as MIO, Glassflake, and Mastic coatings, a two-pack polyurethane, and Isofree top coats along with marine antifouling systems are offered through the Transocean range.

Checkout their website

- Is a leading international brand from Performance Polymers BV that specializes in single-pack ambient curing polysiloxane technology capable of handling a temperature range between -198˚C to 650˚C and SAFETOUCH for thermal insulation coatings applications. Thermaguard offers cutting-edge technology for protection against CUI – corrosion under insulation and is widely marketed as a maintenance coating to the oil & gas industry due to its unique ambient curing capability for a high-temperature coating compared to conventional systems.

Checkout their website

Our Accreditations
Our products are manufactured under strict quality guidelines. Our management systems have been independently audited for more than 25 years. We follow the ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance program.
Our manufacturing facility has been granted RMU (Recognised Manufacturing Unit) status by the CSIRO under the APAS (Australian Paint Approval Scheme) framework.
Our Value Statement
The WAGON WAY defines how we intend to operate in order to achieve our corporate Vision.
This shall be our “way” in achieving the objectives of our Mission Statement and reflects who we are and what we stand for as a company.

W ork as one team in order to achieve common goals and objectives
A ct fast when catering to customer requests and responding to market trends
G ain and build upon our knowledge and expertise in developing world-class products
O ffer employees opportunities to enhance their skills and reward staff based on meritocracy
N iche markets shall be constantly investigated to secure higher returns on our investments
W orkplace health and safety shall always remain a top priority in our daily business
A ccept the philosophy of continuous improvement in all our internal processes
Y earn and support decisions that are ethical and environmentally friendly

3TG Policy

Wagon Paints® is aware and equally as concerned that the trade of conflict minerals in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) may be fuelling human rights atrocities in the region.

Wagon Paints Australia P/L has ensured, through consultation with our suppliers, that no conflict minerals ( 3TG ) Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, and Gold sourced in the DRC or surrounding countries are used in the manufacture or packaging of any Wagon Paints products .

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