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You can purchase our products directly through Wagon Paints, or from any of our distributors.

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You can use our System Selector page to find products that suit a range of common applications, including factory flooring, steel fabrications, commercial flooring, driveway surfacing & more!

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Image of a man painting a roof top
A Large Tank coated with white Wagon paints coating system paint

2 Pack Primers

Our selection of 2 Pack Primers range from a wide choice of epoxy and urethane primers.

a square metal coated with Chlorinated Rubber

Chlorinated Rubber

Our range of Chlorinated Rubber coating for concrete floors is available in clear or colours.

forklift with enamel topcoats

Enamel Topcoats

Our range of Enamel Topcoats range in purpose, use and application – we offer solvent and water based enamels ranging from quick drying alkyds to more durable formulations.

A spacious room with epoxy topcoats

Epoxy Topcoats

Our range of Epoxy Topcoats range in purpose, use and application – we have a wide range to meet any specification and budget.

Trolley truck with Hammerstones coating


Our range of Hammertones provides a coating solution with a “hammer” finish effect on metal surfaces and steel fabrications.

Machine pipe with heat resistant coating

Heat Resistant Coatings

Our range of Heat Resistant Coatings range in purpose, use and application.

Marine surface with High Temperature CUI Coatings

High Temperature & CUI Coatings

Our range of High Temperature & CUI Coatings includes Corrosion Under Insulation mitigation, high temperature coatings, spray-on insulation and ambient curing single pack polysiloxane technology for high temperature coatings applications.

Trailer Trucks with Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane Coatings

Our range of Polyurethane Coatings suitable for steel fabrications, truck refinishing and refurbishing fibreglass substrates.

underground parking cars with Rhinofloor coating system floor


Our extensive range of Rhinofloor products includes everything from single pack concrete sealers to multi coat epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

Parking with yellow road marking

Road Marking

Our range of Road Marking paint includes fast drying chlorinated rubber coating for line marking on concrete and bitumen surfaces.

Steel beam with single pack primers

Single Pack Primers

Our selection of Single Pack Primers range in purpose, use and application – we offer solvent and water based primers ranging from a wide selection of anticorrosive zinc phosphate primers to specialised custom applications.

concrete surfaces with Rhicryl

Single Pack Sealers

Our range of Single Pack Sealers includes a copolymer paving paint and a decorative acrylic solvent based concrete sealer.

Paint with color yellow, red and blue with thinner and additives

Thinners & Additives

Our wide selection of Thinners & Additives range in purpose, use and application.

enclosed cargo box with white Transocean Epoxy Coatings

Transocean Epoxy Coatings

Our range of Transocean Epoxy Coatings range in selection and are designed to withstand the attack of chemicals, abrasion and extreme weather.

A bridge coated with Transocean Primers

Transocean Primers

Our range of Transocean Primers range in selection and are designed to offer a wide choice of undercoats in various protective coatings systems.

Steel Structures with Transocean Single Pack Topcoats

Transocean Single Pack Topcoats

Our range of Transocean Single Pack Topcoats range in selection and are designed to offer sufficient protection under mild environmental conditions.

Transocean Urethanes with white paint coating

Transocean Urethanes

Our range of Transocean Urethanes range in selection and are designed to withstand the attack of chemicals, abrasion and extreme weather.

Trailer Trucks with Waterbased Coatings

Water-based Coatings

Our range of Waterborne Coatings are designed for industrial applications in protecting and decorating metal and timber surfaces available in spray and dipping versions. They include water based primers, water based enamels and water based epoxy floor coatings.

Our Colour Range

Our range of colours includes AS2700, Colorbond, RAL, Pantone and a range of Hammertone and popular fleet colours. Using our Wagon Paints COLORYTE® system we offer colour accuracy and computer matching in many of our high-performance topcoats.

Contact us to view a Colour Swatch

Our range of colours should be used as a guideline only as colour appearance may vary on different display devices.  Please contact us to arrange viewing colour swatches for more accurate colour representations

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