Wagon Paints Protective Coating Systems

Wagon paints is a leading supplier of coating systems for a wide range of applications.  We sell direct to the public and via our distribution network all throughout Australia.

Whether you need a coating for your DIY project, warehouse floor, vehicles, industrial application or transocean protection, we have a product to meet your requirements.

Product Range

We have a series of product ranges to suit different applications, including the Wagon Paints® industrial range, RhinoFloor® tough floor coatings & epoxy imagination and Transocean Coatings range of world-class formulations for Protective and Marine coatings.

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Find the right system

If you aren’t sure what you need, start by using our system selection page where you can browse products that are suitable for specific applications, or have the specific properties you require (such as DIY friendly, hard wearing, slip resistant and heat resistant).

System Selection

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Vibrant Colour Range

Our range of products are available in a wide pallete of vibrant colours to suit a variety of applications, including a range of Colorbond® and Hammertone colours giving you the flexibility to match colours.

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