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Offering Outstanding Performance and Durability

Specialised ambient curing single pack polysiloxane technology offering outstanding performance and durability. Specialised Coating solutions for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and Thermal Insulation Coatings (TIC)

Wide Range of Protective and Marine Coating Solutions

Wide range of protective and marine coatings solutions for Corrosion Protection, Chemical Resistance, Impact & Abrasion Resistance, and Marine & Antifouling systems.

Multi Coat Epoxy & Polyurethane Systems

From simple dust sealers to multi coat epoxy and polyurethane systems

Wide Range of Coating Solutions

Wide range of coating solutions to meet any industrial application and budget

Leading Suppliers of Coating Systems

Wagon Paints Australia is a leading manufacturer of coatings solutions for industrial, protective, marine and flooring applications. The company offers a diverse range of products through industry leading brands such as Wagon Paints® catering to light industrial refinishes, Transocean Coatings® offering a wide range of protective and marine coatings including antifouling systems, Rhinofloor® for industrial strength epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings and Performance Polymers - Thermaguard® offering a specialised range of ambient curing single pack 1K polysyloxane coatings for high temperature and thermal insulation coatings applications.

Our Products & Services

Product Range

Product Range

We have a series of products that suit different applications, including the Wagon Paints® industrial range, Rhinofloor® tough floor coating & epoxy imagination.



The AS2700 Australian Standard Colour Card represents the colours most commonly used in our tinting system and our own COLORYTE® system is used to ensure colour accuracy and successful computer matching for many of our high performance topcoats.

Systems Selection

System Selection

If you are not sure what you need, we have a handy system selection page where you can browse specific products that are suitable for varied applications.

Industry Leading Brands

Large Tank coated with white Wagon paints coating system paint


Wagon paints is a leading supplier of coating systems for a wide range of applications.  We sell direct to the public and via our distribution network all throughout Australia.

Whether you need a coating for your DIY project, warehouse floor, vehicles, industrial application or transocean protection, we have a product to meet your requirements.


Performance Polymers - Is a leading international brand from Performance Polymers BV specialises in single pack ambient curing polysiloxane technology capable of handling a temperature range between -198˚C to 650˚C and SAFETOUCH for thermal insulation coatings applications. Thermaguard offers a cutting edge technology for protection against CUI – corrosion under insulation and is widely marketed as a maintenance coating to the oil & gas industry due to its unique ambient curing capability for a high temperature coating compared to conventional systems.


Rhinofloor - specialises in providing a wide range of coatings solutions for concrete floors. From single pack dust sealers and paving paint to multi coat epoxy and polyurethane systems are offered under this leading floor coatings brand. The diverse product range includes acrylic concrete sealers, water based epoxy and polyurethane top coats, 100% solids /solvent free epoxies, chemical resistant novalac epoxy systems, line marking paint, chlorinated rubber coatings, anti-graffiti polyurethane top coats and epoxy flake flooring from the Rhinoflake flooring system.


Transocean Coatings - Is an international association of paint manufacturers having its head office in the Netherlands. Transocean specialises in protective and marine coatings and offers a wide range of coatings solutions to meet any industrial specification and budget. Zinc silicates, epoxy zinc phosphate primers, two pack barrier coats such as MIO, Glassflake and Mastic coatings, two pack polyurethane and Isofree top coats along with marine antifouling systems are offered through the Transocean range.

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