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The Benefits Of Using 2K DTM Plus – A 2-Pack Acrylic Polyurethane High Performance “direct to metal” Coating

2K DTM Plus is a 2-pack acrylic polyurethane high performance “direct to metal” advanced coating system. It offers superior protection against harsh weather conditions while also adding a stunning finish. Let’s take a look at the advantages of using 2K DTM Plus.

Durability & Protection

2K DTM Plus2-pack acrylic polyurethane high performance “direct to metal” coating – is designed to provide superior protection against extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice, and heat. It also offers good chemical resistance making it ideal for industrial applications. In addition, this type of coating is designed to be highly durable and long lasting.


In addition to its practical benefits, this offers aesthetic advantages. It can be applied in a variety of colours and finishes that will add a beautiful finish to any metal surface. Whether you’re looking for a classic gloss finish or something with more texture and depth, 2K DTM Plus has you covered. And because it is highly durable, it won’t chip or fade over time like some other coatings do – ensuring that your metal surfaces will look their best for years to come.


One of the greatest advantages of using this is its versatility. This type of coating can be used direct on steel without the need of an adhesion promoting primer offering the benefit of a 2-In-1 self-priming top coat. As It can also be applied directly onto the surface without having to sandblast or prime first, it saves time and money during the application process. 2K DTM Plus can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces, allowing you complete freedom when deciding how best to protect your metal surfaces from rust or corrosion.

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Wagon Paints has earned a reputation as one of the leading Melbourne suppliers of high-quality paint coatings and systems that are tailored to meet any industrial specification and budget. Do you need more information about 2K DTM Plus2-pack acrylic polyurethane high performance “direct to metal” coating? Click here for a 2K DTM Plus datasheet. The Pack A safety datasheet can be found here and the Pack B safety datasheet can be found here.

Alternatively, you can use the Wagon Paints System Selector or contact the Wagon Paints technical support team. Call Wagon Paints today on +61 3 9729 1344 or complete an online enquiry form.

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