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Protecting your ship: the importance of antifouling with Transocean Paints

Shipping remains the backbone of global trade, but with it comes the constant battle against corrosion and fouling of vessels, which can significantly impact operational budgets. Fortunately, Transocean Coatings, with over six decades of experience, offers high-quality solutions to address these challenges. In this article, we’ll explore the critical role of antifouling and highlight key products like Transocean Optima Antifouling 2.32 and Transocean Cleanship 2.91.

Antifouling: a vital component of corrosion prevention

Image of a close up of a rusted metal surface

Steel, the primary material used in ship construction, is susceptible to corrosion, making effective protection essential. Anticorrosive paint systems provide a barrier against water and contaminants, safeguarding the vessel’s steel structure. However, the success of these paint systems relies on proper application and surface preparation. Transocean Coatings, a trusted industry partner since 1959, offers high-quality paints and exceptional service. Their Transpoxy Masterbond range, for example, is a surface-tolerant epoxy with remarkable wetting and adhesive properties, suitable for maintenance and new construction projects. Meeting standards like Norsok M-501, ISO 20340, and recognised as an IMO-PSPC coating for water ballast and crude oil tanks, it ensures uncompromised corrosion protection.

The battle against fouling

Corrosion is only part of the challenge; without effective antifouling coatings, vessels would rapidly accumulate algae and barnacles on their hulls. This fouling increases drag, reduces speed and raises fuel costs for ship operators. The transocean understands the importance of antifouling and offers a range of products to combat it.

Transocean Optima Antifouling 2.32

Transocean Optima Antifouling 2.32 is a tin-free, self-eroding antifouling painted with cuprous oxide, offering protection against fouling for drydocking service intervals of up to 18 months, and occasionally up to 24 months. It’s versatile, compatible with Transocean anticorrosive systems, and compliant with the IMO Antifouling System Convention.

Transocean Cleanship 2.91

This tin-free polishing antifouling utilises a carefully balanced mixture of polymers and biocides to prevent fouling. Its self-eroding surface allows for easy recoating after the service life. It can be used on various vessel types, compatible with Transocean Anticorrosive schemes, and can extend drydocking intervals up to 60 months. It, too, complies with the IMO Antifouling System Convention.

Transocean – a reliable partner for the shipping industry

Antifouling is not just a necessary expense; it’s a wise investment. By choosing Transocean’s antifouling solutions, ship owners can keep their vessels in prime condition, reduce fuel costs, and enhance operational efficiency. Transocean Coatings has been a reliable partner for the shipping industry, offering not only high-quality anticorrosive solutions but also a range of effective antifouling products. Protecting your ship from corrosion and fouling is a complex challenge, and Transocean is the knowledgeable partner you need to solve it.

Wagon Paints – manufacturing high quality industrial finishes and surface coating systems since 1975

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With Transocean’s products like Transocean Optima Antifouling 2.32 and Transocean Cleanship 2.91, you can trust that your vessels will stay in top shape, reducing maintenance costs, enhancing operational efficiency and ultimately contributing to the success of your shipping endeavours. At Wagon Paints in Victoria, we’re proud to offer these cutting-edge solutions. If you’re interested in learning more about our high quality industrial finishes and surface coating systems, contact Wagon Paints to see how we can help you find the perfect industrial, commercial or marine coating for your needs. Call Wagon Paints today on +61 3 9729 1344 or complete an online enquiry form. Experience the future of coatings with us!

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