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Transocean Coatings: combined strength in protection

Extensive research and development world-wide have provided Transocean with a series of products which professionals acknowledge as being complete and of high quality. Transocean has a global network of manufacturers producing its coatings, including Wagon Paints in Bayswater North. Manufacturing takes place using stringent formulations. Whether a product is supplied from Melbourne, Europe, Asia, North or South America, or Africa, the quality is guaranteed to be identical. Local service assures quick delivery of factory-fresh products at competitive prices.

Transocean Coatings – internationally certified formula

Transocean’s wide range of products is manufactured in certified factories according to ISO 9001. Transocean Coatings have been developed to withstand the attack of chemicals, abrasion and extreme weather. Certified by independent institutes, government bodies or classification societies, Transocean paint systems meet the stringent specifications such as the Norsok M-501 and ISO-20340 standards.

Transocean Coatings – a winning formula for ships and offshore structures

Painting steel is an efficient method of preventing corrosion as it forms a barrier against two factors needed for initiating the corrosion process: air (containing oxygen) and moisture. However, not all coatings can withstand the harsh marine environment. Transocean marine coatings are specially developed and tested to protect ships and offshore structures against corrosion. In addition, the performance of the paint is dependent on the quality of surface preparation and paint application. Our experts at Wagon Paints can advise the required coating system for your ship or offshore structure and provide the technical assistance to ensure the system is applied correctly.

Boat protection – primers, intermediate coats and topcoats

Coating systems can be divided into three groups according to their function in the system. Primers have a good adhesion to the substrate and provide a solid base for recoating. Intermediate or barrier coats are applied to enhance overall protection and to provide a good intercoat adhesion. The topcoat gives the required colour and gloss and provides protection against various influences such as sunlight, weather and abrasive impact. The topcoat must be regularly renewed to keep the boat permanently in a good condition. It is recommended that the total paint system is removed from time to time as the yearly maintenance results in a build-up of layers. Too thick layers not only increase the weight but also the internal stress. This leads to delamination of the total coating system.

The fight against corrosion requires a strict strategy

Steel structures face corrosive conditions that are defined by the environment they are placed in. However, the use of the facility determines which maintenance strategy is applicable and feasible. A protective coating system should offer anti-corrosive power whether by using active anti-corrosive pigments such as zinc, or by using the barrier principle, aiming to prevent penetration of water or water vapour through the coating film. While it should adhere firmly to the substrate, cohesion between paint layers must be appropriate. Also, the system must be resistant to corrosive agents and to the expected mechanical impact. Various factors can determine the choice of a system and to come to a decision, it must be clear which one has the highest priority. For more information about planning a maintenance strategy, contact.

Transocean Coatings – wide range of products

The Transocean range includes: Transozinc Silicate 1.52, Transozinc Epoxy Primer 1.55, Transpoxy ZP Primer 1.61, Transpoxy MIO Primer 1.64, Transpoxy Uniprimer 1.71, Transozinc HS 1.85, Transpoxy Barrier 2.16, Transpoxy BarrierBarrier 2.18, Transpoxy Intermediate 2.19, Transolac Finish QD 3.33, Transurethane Finish HB 3.44, Transurethane Shield 3.45, Transocean Niso Finish 3.60, Transothane Finish 3.63, Transpoxy Glascote 4.40, Transpoxy MasterMio 4.46, Transpoxy Finish 4.60, Transpoxy TankGuard 4.61, Transpoxy Guard 4.64, Transpoxy Masterbond 4.67N, Transpoxy Masterbond 4.67N (Flooring Grade), Transocean Special Thinner 6.01, Transocean Epoxy Thinner 6:03, Transocean PU Thinner 6.04, Transocean Inorganic Zinc Thinner 6.07, Transozinc Epoxy Primer 91.55 and Transpoxy ARC 92.24.

Wagon Paints system selector – anti-corrosion and antifouling solutions at your fingertips

Do you need help choosing suitable anti-corrosion protective system products? Use the Wagon Paints System Selector or contact the Wagon Paints technical support team to ensure you find a long-lasting solution for your steel structures. For more information on the Transocean range, contact Wagon Paints today on +61 3 9729 1344 or complete an online enquiry form.

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