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Benefits of an epoxy topcoat on concrete floors

The flooring inside industrial buildings, warehouses and plants is prone to some heavy abuse. Which means, the concrete floors need to be especially durable to ensure safety, longevity and endurance – otherwise you will be made to make frequent floor replacements.

To save the time, effort and money required to frequently replace and fix the flooring inside your industrial building, the most cost-effective solution is without a doubt an epoxy topcoat on your concrete floors.

The cons of concrete

It is not unusual to have concrete floors in industrial buildings and warehouses; in fact it is pretty much the standard. However, concrete is unfortunately not stain resistant and can cause dangerous hazards when oil, grease and any other kind of liquids are spilled on top of it.

Considering the amount of heavy traffic and heavy amounts of production that occurs on the concrete floors of industrial warehouses, it is highly recommended the flooring has some sort of durable coating. The most ideal solution for commercial and industrial zones is an epoxy topcoat for a variety of reasons.

The pros of epoxy topcoat

The superior durability of an epoxy topcoat means that the solution is popular among chemical plants, food and beverage warehouses, laboratories, just to name a few. The coating system comes in a range of aesthetic choices, including metallic and high gloss coating. Continue reading to discover the benefits of an epoxy topcoat for your warehouse.

#1. An epoxy topcoat provides added safety

Designated zone marking can be easily added to concrete floors with an epoxy topcoat. These zone markings – particularly ‘yellow safety’ areas and forklift areas – are common within commercial warehouses, and they provide a crucial amount of added safety.

A variety of epoxy topcoat colours are also available to add numerous colour-coding specifications, creating safe areas for employees to walk and operate.

#2. Stain resistant epoxy topcoat

Conveyor belts and forklifts can leak fluid. Actually for that matter, any equipment, machine or application can leak fluid. Spills and leaks are bound to occur in any warehouse that operate mechanical equipment and handle and house liquid products.

A stain resistant epoxy topcoat will protect your warehouse floor from chemical and stain damage, and make clean-ups easier too.

#3. Cost effective and economical

Rather than having to re-floor and repair your warehouse floors regularly, an epoxy topcoat will ensure that you are making smart investment for your business, your warehouse and your employees. With an epoxy topcoat, the floor of your warehouse will be a cost effective, durable and easy to maintain flooring solution.

The cost-effectiveness, the versatility and the increased safety aspects of having an epoxy topcoat installed in your warehouses concrete floors makes the solution perfect for all large commercial warehouses. Wagon Paints are the leading suppliers of coating systems throughout Australia. Contact our team today on +61 3 9729 1344 to discuss your next coating project.

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