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Thermaguard™ CUI 300

Unique inorganic single component, ambient curing polysiloxane coating formulated specifically to provide corrosion protection to under insulation environments where wet and dry cycling can occur. Offers solvent free (100% solids), ultra-low VOC for demanding environmental regulations and safety aspects during hot application. Conforms to the NACE SP0198-2017 classification for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) in both cryogenic and elevated temperature (from -196 to 300ºC) applications. Exceptional resistance to thermal cycling, hot saline water immersion and chemical exposure throughout its operative temperature range. Additionally, the product can be applied in service to hot equipment operating up to 300ºC, removing the need for plant shut down periods. Comes in RAL 7035 AND RAL 3009 colours. At 23ºC. touch dry in 30 minutes and recoating in 2 hours. Available in 10L pack size.




  • Exceptional temperature resistance (-196 to 300ºC temperature range)
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Superior chemical (acid) & saline resistance

Typical Applications

  • Any severe corrosive environments such as salt water immersion & acid exposure in elevated temperatures
  • Can be used in both OEM (shop application) & maintenance work
  • Petrochemical & chemical plants
  • Power, refining & generic processing plants
  • Pipelines, steamlines & pressure valves
  • Chimneys, tanks & heat exchanges


  • Waterproof/Weather Resistance
  • Heat Resistant
  • Hard Wearing & Durable
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Chemical/Solvent Resistance
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