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Epoxy ZPP

Economical 2-pack epoxy zinc phosphate primer for use under 2K topcoats on steel fabrications and transport equipment. Comes in satin beige colour. At 25ºC, touch dry in 1 hour, hard dry in 16 hours, full cure in 7 days and recoating after 3-4 hours if sanding it not required, or after 16 hours and before 48 hours to ensure good intercoat adhesion. Suitable Wagonpaint topcoats include Rhinamel® SR, Rhinothane® T, Rhinothane® AC, Rhinofleet® AC HS, and 2K Iso-free PU. Pack A available in 4L and 16L and Pack B available in 1L and 4L sizes.




  • Tough, durable coating
  • Strong adhesion to steel and other metals
  • Easy sanding
  • High corrosion, chemical & abrasion resistance
  • Resists splashes & spills of common solvents
  • Dry heat resistance up to 110ºC

Typical Applications

  • Steel fabrications
  • Transport equipment
  • Trucks


  • Heat Resistant
  • Hard Wearing & Durable
  • Chemical/Solvent Resistance
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