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Transocean Coatings: World leaders in the fight against corrosion

Wagon Paints and Transocean Coatings are leading the way in the fight against corrosion with a range of protective coating systems. The anti-corrosion system you choose depends on the environment your steel structures and equipment are placed in and how the steel is used.

What is a protective paint system?

A protective paint system is a corrosion protection layer designed to protect steel from the corrosivity of its surrounding environment.

How do Transocean Coatings protective coating systems fight corrosion?

Transocean Coatings protective coating systems can offer anticorrosive power by using active anticorrosive pigments such as zinc, or by using the barrier principle, aiming to prevent penetration of water or water vapour through the coating film. The protective coatings should adhere firmly to the substrate and there must be cohesion between paint layers. It is important to ensure that the system you choose is resistant to corrosive agents and to the expected mechanical impact.

Choosing the right Transocean Coatings protective coating system

Various factors can determine the choice of protective coating system and in order to come to a decision, it must be clear which one has the highest priority. For technical advice, contact the Transocean Coatings experts at Wagon Paints or check out our system recommendations below.

What is ISO 12944?

ISO 12944 is the industry standard for corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems. Originally released in 1998, the standard is put together by representatives from key countries and companies involved in the protection of steel structures to build a mutually beneficial standard. The typical system recommendations are ranked according to corrosive conditions as specified in ISO 12944 and have been translated into Transocean products and systems.

Transocean Coatings system recommendations

Transocean Coatings system recommendations are a starting point when determining the choice of protective coating system for your requirements.

C2 – low corrosivity according to ISO 12944
C3 – medium corrosivity according to ISO 12944
C4 – high corrosivity according to ISO 12944
C5-I very high (industrial) corrosivity according to ISO 12944.
C5-M very high (marine) corrosivity according to ISO 12944.

Read more about ISO 12944 here.

Please note that not all Transocean systems are represented in the links above. For the sake of clarity, the number of systems is limited to the ones that are believed to be commonly used.

What are the best Transocean Coatings protective systems for extremely high corrosive environments?

Marine and industrial environments are subjected to very high corrosivity. These environments often require the following coatings:

Transozinc Epoxy Primer

Transpoxy Masterbond

Transurethan Finish HB

For structures located in aggressive marine environments, a second coat of Transpoxy Masterbond is recommended.

Wagon Paints system selector – the easy way to prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Do you need help choosing suitable anti-corrosion protective system products? Use the Wagon Paints System Selector or contact the Wagon Paints technical support team to ensure you find a long-lasting solution for your steel structures. For more information, contact Wagon Paints today on +61 3 9729 1344 or complete an online enquiry form.

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