Transocean Single Pack Topcoats

Protective Coating Products/Transocean Single Pack Topcoats

Optima Antifouling 2.32

A tinfree, self erodable antifouling pigmented with cuprousoxide for the protection against fouling for drydocking service intervals up to 18 months, occasionally upto 24 months, all depending on area and conditions.

Transolac Finish QD 3.33

Fast drying alkyd finish for rapid refurbishment of containers and maintenance of steel structures in a marine and industrial environment. Comes in a range of AS2700 colours in gloss. At 23ºC, touch dry in 2 hours, hard dry in 16 hours and recoating after 1 hours and before 4 hours to ensure no wrinkling, or after 1 day. Recommended Wagonpaint primer with Hi Build Zinc Phosphate Primers.