Thermaguard™ TIC 400

Protective Coating Products/High Temperature & CUI Coatings/Construction

New technology, waterbased, single component, ambient curing, ultra-high-build inorganic polymeric siloxane matrix, Thermal Insulation Coating (TIC) for elevated temperatures. Provides a seamless, hydrophobic, weather resistant insulation film, with operating temperatures from -60 to 400ºC range. Acts as a thermal barrier, which can improve energy efficiency, prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), reduce condensation build up & provide personal protection according to ISO 13732-1 (SafeTouch™ properties). Protects interior temperatures against cold, warm & humid weather conditions. Comes in white and light grey colours (other colours may be available on request). At 23ºC, touch dry in 4-6 hours and recoating in 16-24 hours. Available in 20L pack size.

Waterproof/Weather Resistance
Heat Resistance
Hard Wearing & Durable
Corrosion Resistance
Chemical/Solvent Resistance


  • Superior temperature resistance (-60 to 400ºC temperature range)
  • Exceptional weather resistance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance

Typical Applications

  • Petrochemical & chemical plants
  • Power, refining & generic processing plants
  • Pipelines, steamlines & pressure valves
  • Chimneys, tanks & heat exchanges
  • Commercial constructions
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Floating equipment, vessels & barges
  • Roofing