Protective Coating Products/Road Marking

Fast drying modified chlorinated rubber coating for line-marking on concrete including carparks, loading bays and warehouses; and for road-marking on asphalt roads and airport tarmacs. Comes in white, black, yellow, blue and red and other colours in matt (subject to minimum order requirement). At 25ºC, touch dry in 5-10 minutes and trafficable in 15-20 minutes. Available in 20L pack size.

Waterproof/Weather Resistance
Hard Wearing & Durable
Chemical/Solvent Resistance


  • Fast drying
  • Quick “pick-up” & trafficable times
  • Excellent wear resistance & durability
  • Good weather & chemical resistance

Typical Applications

  • Line-marking on concrete in carparks, loading bays, warehouses, etc.
  • Road-marking on asphalt roads, airport tarmacs, etc.