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Achieve a superior finish with air-dry industrial enamel coatings

Achieve a superior finish with air-dry industrial enamel coatings

Wagon Paints is a leading supplier of coating systems for a wide range of applications. We understand the need for products with durable finishes that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Our air-dry industrial enamels are designed to offer quick drying ability and a superior finish so you can complete your projects on time and on budget.

What are the advantages of air-dry industrial enamels?

Air-dry industrial enamel paints are widely used for coating metal surfaces to offer protection under mild environmental conditions against corrosion and abrasion. At Wagon Paints, our single pack air-dry industrial enamels offer a long shelf life and are available both in spraying and dipping versions.

What applications are air-dry industrial enamels suited to?

Wagon Paints is a leading supplier of coating systems for a wide range of applications, including trailers, waste/skip bins, pumps, sprinkler systems, refurbishing forklifts, earthmoving attachments, agricultural implements, scaffolding, gas cylinders, caravan chassis, structural steel framework and more.

Are air-dry industrial enamels an economical choice?

Yes. Enamel paint is generally used as an economical alternative to two-pack systems as it air dries to a hard, superior finish and offers moderate exterior durability. Additionally, wastage is reduced with single pack enamels whereas in two pack systems any unused mixed paint cannot be stored for future use due to the limited pot life.

Do air-dry industrial enamels require a primer?

Our air-dry industrial enamel paints would perform better over a primer, although they could go directly on metal and timber surfaces. On non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, brass, stainless steel, galvanized steel and Zincalume® etc. we recommend using an etch primer to promote adhesion.

What air-dry industrial enamels are available?

Wagon Paints has a range of single pack air-dry industrial enamel coatings for a variety of surfaces. Our range includes:

  • Rapid Enamel (alkyd – short term exterior) for metal and timber, quick drying, available in gloss, satin and matt finish.
  • Implement Enamel (acrylic modified – short to medium term exterior) high gloss.
  • Hammerdry for a hammer finish effect on metal surfaces and steel fabrications such as trailers, machinery and pumps.
  • Rhinopave (paving paint) for concrete areas including factory floors, driveways, paths and steps.

Wagon Paints stocks a wide range of enamel / alkyd based undercoats such as zinc phosphate (ZP) primers. These include Rhinoprime ZP – an economical structural primer; Shoprime ZP – a general purpose ZP primer; Hi Build ZPP – a premium single pack anti-corrosive ZP primer; and Rapid Dry Primer White – a primer-filler suitable for timber and metal surfaces with good filling and sanding capabilities.

Do you stock an alkyd based self-priming enamel topcoat?

Yes. We recommend Glossprime which is an anti-corrosive single pack 2-in-1 self-priming topcoat.

Are single pack air-dry industrial enamels suitable for both spraying and dipping applications?

Yes. We offer enamels for both spray painting and dipping applications. Typical dipping applications are for painting scaffolding, gas bottles and agricultural implements etc.

Do you offer water-based air dry enamels?

Yes. In addition to solvent / oil modified alkyd enamels, we also offer water-based air dry enamels. Our Water Reducible Zinc Phosphate Primer and Water Reducible Air Dry Enamel are suited for solvent free priming and top coating applications.

Do you need assistance? Our technical support team can ensure you select the best air-dry industrial enamel product for your project. For more information on our high-quality products, contact our Wagon Paints team today on +61 3 9729 1344 or complete an online enquiry form.

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